The Sawyers Arms Tavern is a landmark public house on Noble Street, Newtown.
The original tavern was built for and opened by John Jackson in 1850.

Jackson entered the business of innkeeper with interests also as a timber merchant . His new hotel became a popular meeting place. It was used in the early days for political, and social gatherings. 

The Sawyers Arms Tavern won additional favour also because of a long held belief that gold was in the ground nearby.

Among those who later held interests in the Sawyers Arms Tavern were Oliver Welsh and William Fordham. Welsh was one of the very early colonists. His eldest daughter Catherine was said to be ‘the first white girl born in Geelong proper’.

William Fordham was a member of the first council elected for the Borough of Newtown and Chilwell.


The current building is believed to have replaced the original structure in 1907.

 Former Geelong football club player and president Jack Jennings who held the lease in the 1950’s changed the name to Kardinia Park Hotel. This name was changed back to the original Sawyers Arms Tavern by Eileen and Kenneth Clatworthy when they took over the business in 1958. With a family history in Hotels’ Mrs Clat, as she was affectionately known, continued to run the hotel until the early 2000’s.

The custodians of the Sawyers Arms Tavern today are Peter and Lou Clatworthy. Respectful of its rich history and old bones it has been carefully restored to maintain the warmth and integrity of the building. It remains a popular meeting place for locals.